egr delete

  1. 3

    Egr delete

    I have 2004 freightliner classic xl 14l detroit with 10 spd. Anyone know if I can put 12.7 exhaust manifold and turbo on 14l detroit? And how it will perform? Thanks
  2. krelithous

    EGR delete

    is it possible to do an EGR delete or is that against the law :confused-96:. I wanna set my truck to run off a blend of diesel and CNG. thanks
  3. R

    Mama's EGR Milk Money,...Cummins CM871 EGR Delete

    I am starting this support thread to discuss and help others with doing an EGR or DPF Delete(s) on the CM871 ONLY!!!. It is a discussion-only thread, I DO NOT DO EGR DELETES!!!,....I only make documents about them, and/or discuss them. I also do NOT provide any software/hardware for doing them...