1. Mike

    Fuel Economy Tracking Fuel Economy - Fitzgerald Glider, 2015 T660, 13 speed, 3.42 rear axle ratio

    Engine built by Fitzgerald, not a factory reman. I started tracking the fuel economy in this truck when it was brand new, my goal at the time was to focus on fuel economy and get the truck up to 9mpg. I managed to track it the first 40k, and had an average of 7.41. This was with no real...
  2. Mike

    Trucking Industry Drops 600 Jobs In February

    Total trucking industry employment fell by 600 jobs in February, according to the Department of Labor’s monthly Employment Situation Report. That’s the first drop in industry employment since October, ending a quarter-long streak of consecutive increases. For-hire trucking industry employment...
  3. Mike

    SWIFT - We have too many trucks - Halting fleet growth, may reduce fleet size

    Just seen this news posting on Facebook, and was a bit surprised. I don't really follow stocks of trucking companies, because I would likely never invest into a trucking company, but was a bit surprised to hear that this SWIFT has dropped off this far. My totally non-expert opinion, making...