1. S

    New To Trucking Finding location of loading bays with Maps/GPS app?

    Hi Everyone, This is Stan. I'd like to understand how most of you find the directions to a loading bay when delivering goods to a store? In simple google maps - it gives you the location of the Store only not the directions to the loading bay (more specific) - how do you guys solve this...
  2. C

    HIRING: North Carolina Motorsports Team Hiring Transport Drivers

    We are a professional motorsports team based in Charlotte, NC with full-time, year-round opportunities available for OTR drivers. Our transport drivers are expected to represent the company in a professional manner at all times while working on the road and in the shop. As a transport driver...
  3. K

    Class 1 & Class 2 Drivers

    Due to expansion of the KFC contract we are now looking for a number of Class 1 & 2 Drivers to join our team based in Rugby. If you have or know anyone with a Class C or C+E Licence; are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to work with a great team then we would love to hear...
  4. S

    Class A professional and reliable truck driver greater San Francisco Bay Area

    Class A professional and reliable truck driver (San Francisco Bay Area to within 220 mile radius) for daily or nightly runs. Excellent pay at $0.67 per contract mile empty or full and paid detention time over 2-hrs wait. REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3-years experience, current valid CDL-A, medical and...
  5. T

    Clarify 10 hour break after 11 Hour Driving Rule

    Hey guys, I am a tech that is setting things up for our company's transition to ELD, I don't have much knowledge of trucking regulations so I just wanted to clarify something. Based on what I've read I know that a trucker can only drive 11hrs within a 14hr On-Duty window, then they have to take...
  6. quillcom

    The only thing I hate about the end of summer & driving

    No not this yellow jacket; THIS ONE!!! They seem to be everywhere this time of the year. And they seem to be attracted to my cab!!. One just made its appearance today and I'm sure...
  7. B

    Truck Drivers, Help Me Graduate! 3Mins!

    Good evening my dearest Owner-Operators! I am a student and I am doing research on Truck Drivers. Me and my team are making a paper on the viable job opportunities in the future for, and the future of truck drivers. New research is NEEDED to complete our paper. Take three minutes or less to...
  8. N

    Opinions on current driving hours - Fair or unfair?

    As you may know, trucking is a very demanding job when working long hours. I just wanted to get your opinions on whether companies expect far too much and set deadlines that pressure us into long hour journeys, or whether the hours are manageable and justified.
  9. T

    How many miles

    How many miles are you driving on average? Per week= ? Per month= ?
  10. treyzguy

    Questions about SRT

    I'll answer what I can and deny the rest.... Oh, we have our own school now.