1. DrDaliah

    Moderate drinking found to PREVENT diabetes

    Take this study with a grain of salt, but I'm intrigued as the Europeans seem to ward off diabetes better than us and for many it reduces cholesterol. Maybe people don't eat when they drink. Moderate Drinking Found to PREVENT Diabetes
  2. DrDaliah

    Worsening diabetes could be a sign of cancer

    Now this makes sense but is creepy. For years when a patient started to normalize with their blood sugar when they weren't doing anything different with their diet and medication, it meant a hypermetabolic process was probably using up the blood sugar and suggested cancer. Now this study has...
  3. DrDaliah

    Diabetes jumps to third biggest killer in US

    We're starting to go backwards. Maybe its the obesity, maybe its eating less meat and turning to carbs. Maybe its because we're living longer. Diabetes now the third biggest killer in the United States
  4. DrDaliah

    Diabetes explained in 5 minutes

    Hi guys! Diabetes is pretty confusing not only to learn but to teach, so a I made a quick 5 minute video that breaks it down and has helped me understand it because I wasn't the sharpest in my medical school class LOL. Please note I can't draw or write legibly.... Hope it helps :)
  5. BrazilianNut

    Schneider and diabetes

    Hello there people. Let me tell what happened to me when I went to Schneider's orientation in Houston - TX on March 2016 I received 3 e-mails from them, explaining the rules about the hotel, transportation and physical and drug testing. In one of these e-mails, actually from First Lab, the...