dash cam

  1. Mike

    Dash Cams For Trucking, what do you have?

    I've been saving up my Ultra One points for a while now, and just picked up a new dash cam. I got the Cobra CDR855BT. BT is for bluetooth. I'm a bit nervous about it because it has radar detector capabilities as well via an optional app (iRadar). I won't be using the radar detection in the...
  2. whiplash

    dash cam reviews

    hey everyone i'm looking to pick up a couple dash cams there a good thing to have on the truck anybody know of a good easy to use simple yet with a good quality picture. suggestion? I've been shopping theres billions of choices
  3. Rigjockey

    Dash Cams

    Just an FYI for those of you that use dash cams, It is illegal to record or photograph any border crossing and any Border agent. Turn you camera off or point it downward.
  4. Sinister

    Pros and Cons of Dash Cams

    Oh boy. Here we go again. Why exactly do you think a dash cam is a good idea?
  5. TruckingBiker

    Garmin Dash Cam

    Been saving our fuel points for this dash cam that has been "coming soon" it seems forever. I tried another model but I gave it back because it just didn't seem to be all that user friendly. So I saved up enough points and started asking all the Pilots and J's if they got them in yet...
  6. Tazz

    Truckers Using Dash Cams may cause privacy concerns.

    http://cdllife.com/2013/technology/truck-drivers-use-dash-camera-footage-to-avoid-citations/ Because the use of dash cameras in vehicles is a fairly new practice, laws regarding privacy have not yet caught up. Van Nuys Transportation Law Attorney Mher Asatryan stated that the use of dash...
  7. PrettyInPurple

    Dash cams

    My hubby and I were wondering if anyone uses a dash cam. We are thinking about getting one for his truck. What type of dash cam do you use? What kind of quality does it have? What special features does it have?
  8. freedhardwoods

    Dash Cam

    I keep my laptop on all the time when I'm driving because my gps system is on it. Can you use something like this http://www.logitech.com/en-hk/product/7794?crid=34 as a dash cam that saves the video on the computer?
  9. cajuntrucker59

    Dash Cam Captures Afgan Air Crash!!!! Wow!

  10. Duck

    The Ultimate Dash Cam Video

  11. 8

    GoPro Hero 3 Dash Cam

    I just replaced my HD Handicam with the GoPro Hero 3 cam. My handicam had to be formatted every day before use and was getting sick of going through the million menus. I've had it for a few days and love it. Some of the features that are nice are. I have a 64GB memory card in it. It can record...
  12. Injun

    Dash Cams Focused on Drivers?

    Well? In favor or not? This thread got me started on this: http://www.truckersforum.net/forum/trucking-industry-news/72862-fmcsa-extends-field-test-dash-cam-monitoring-road-driver.html#post333384 Because if they're being field tested, a mandate will not be far behind.
  13. Mike

    FMCSA extends field test of dash cam monitoring of road, driver

    A field test of 500 trucks with “on-board safety monitoring” systems has been given the green light to continue for another two years by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Current regulations prohibit any device such as a dash cam or toll transponder from being placed more...
  14. J

    GoPro Hero 2 dash cam

    Recently I purchased a GoPro Hero2 camera set (for personal use), but since I had it I figured I would use it in the truck and take the tax deduction. Although this camera has some unique uses, its really not the best option to for a dash cam. The problem is every couple hours you have to...
  15. four wheels

    Dash cams

    Are most trucks equipped with dash cams? Yes or no?