1. E

    Anyone gone through CRST school and is it worth doing

    I'm sure this has been posted before (sorry if it is) but has anyone been through the CRST Trucking School and if so was it worth it? They have "hired" me on (I start school the 23rd) and I've read good and bad things about them. What sayeth you, my new trucker friends? BTW after reading some...
  2. Maria

    CRST sued for not hiring driver who requested use of service dog

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently filed a lawsuit against CRST International, alleging that the trucking company refused to hire a military veteran because of his request to drive with a service dog. According to the complaint filed March 2 in a Florida federal court, CRST...
  3. Injun

    $350M Lawsuit Against CRST

    California Highway Patrol Officer Sues CRST For $350 Million
  4. Maria

    CRST acquires California-based Gardner Trucking

    CRST International recently announced its acquisition of Gardner Trucking of Ontario, Calif., according to a press release. Gardner Trucking was founded in 1989 and is considered one of the largest truckload carriers in California. The California-based trucking company provides specialized...
  5. Maria

    CRST International approved for veteran's program

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — CRST International has been approved for the Veteran Apprenticeship Program through the Department of Labor and the Veteran’s Administration. New and current CRST drivers using GI Bill benefits may now be eligible to earn additional monthly income as they transition into...
  6. S

    Get out

    I've been at crst expedited for a few days. I have not finished my permit tests. Can I get out? I have no money to get myself home. Do not feel safe here at all.
  7. joseph1135

    CRST sued after woman finds a face.

    Old, gruesome story out of Montana. Courthouse News Service
  8. joseph1135

    Trucking News: CRST wants non CDL teams

    CRST wants CDL permit holders to drive by themselves. As if this scumbag low pay outfit wasn't scumbaggy enough, now they want this. Major Trucking Carrier Asks FMCSA To Allow Non-CDL Holders To Drive By Themselves And the walmartting of the trucking industry continues.
  9. A

    Returning to Crst dedicated 20/10 after 18 years

    Hello , I got my cdl 18 years ago through crst and drove for them 7 months when offered a local hourly driving job I jumped ship . Who wouldn't ? But for the past four years I haven't driven and need a job so I called crst about driving the dedicated 20/10 . I am waiting for the dac report to...
  10. Injun

    Hey, CRST! Leave Me Alone!

    No, I don't want to work for you. Robo-calling me three times at 0600 while I'm trying to sleep is NOT going to change my mind. And how the hell did you get my phone number, anyway?
  11. Maria

    Judge orders EEOC to pay $4.7 million in CRST sexual harassment case

    By Clarissa Kell-Holland, Land Line staff writer A judge has ordered the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to pay an Iowa-based trucking company nearly $4.7 million in attorneys’ fees and costs. On Aug. 1, U.S. District Court Judge Linda R. Reade ordered the EEOC to pay CRST, a Cedar...
  12. M

    Whats up with CRST

    Hello, Newbie here So heres the deal I have a CDL permit and am trying to get inot a decent school. I liked the reviews from CRST so I gave them a call and began asking the gal questions. I think she must have got tired of answering as she hug up after 5 mins (literally 5 mins). I tried...
  13. Mike

    CRST settles EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit

    CRST Van Expedited Inc. of Cedar Rapids, IA, has agreed to settle a lawsuit for $50,000 prior to the trial of a former driver who claims she was sexually harassed by a male trainer while working for the company. The decision was reached on Feb. 11 between CRST and the U.S. Equal Employment...
  14. Maria

    Judge denies testimony of 15 females in CRST sexual harassment trial

    A federal judge denied the motion to allow the testimony of 15 former CRST female truck drivers at the trial of another female driver, who claims the Cedar Rapids, IA, company failed to provide her with a workplace free of sexual harassment. U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade ruled on...
  15. S

    Anyone Familiar With CRST?

    CRST is advertising locally in New England for both experienced and new drivers. I was wondering if anyone knows if they have a good reputation as a training company and as an employer? Anyone what their sign on policy is if you go through there training program?
  16. Mike

    EEOC seeks full panel rehearing in CRST case

    The U.S. Equal Employment Commission notified the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Eighth Circuit on May 9, that it is seeking a rehearing before the all of the members of the court in its workplace sexual harassment case against CRST Van Expedited Inc. of Cedar Rapids, IA. Justine Lisser, of...
  17. Mike

    EEOC petitions federal court for rehearing in CRST case

    The U.S. Equal Employment Commission has filed a petition for a rehearing in its workplace sexual harassment case against CRST Van Expedited Inc. in Cedar Rapids, IA. According to the EEOC’s petition that was filed in April, the commission has asked for a rehearing with the panel or a rehearing...
  18. Terry

    CRST in the News...

    Case against trucking company backfires on EEOC ....dozens of female employees of one of the nation's largest trucking companies told of being propositioned, groped and even assaulted by male drivers during cross-country training rides.
  19. L

    CRST WILL screw u over!

    Just wanted to warn everybody bout CRST. DONT SIGN WITH THEM. CRST really does mean Constantly Raping Students and Trainers. I got my CDL 3 months ago and was suppose to go to work for them. they sent me to school and upon graduating, they sent me all the way to OKC, and dropped me at...
  20. E

    CRST left me stranded with no ride and no money

    CRST made all kinds of broken promises when they recruited my husband, but the worst is when he spent days in a parking lot, with no hope of getting a load any time soon, so he asked to just go home. They told the lead driver he was not to move the truck under no circumstances and told my...