1. S

    Class A professional and reliable truck driver greater San Francisco Bay Area

    Class A professional and reliable truck driver (San Francisco Bay Area to within 220 mile radius) for daily or nightly runs. Excellent pay at $0.67 per contract mile empty or full and paid detention time over 2-hrs wait. REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3-years experience, current valid CDL-A, medical and...
  2. SaddleTramp

    Easiest ELD for a company of 1

    What about this ELD? FMCSA Compliant Electronic Logging Device | VDO RoadLog™
  3. Mike

    Name My Trucking Company!

    It's time for me to brainstorm..... Since I am not equipped with a brain, I need help from the members of TFN :TF2: So, been on the phone today with OOIDA, and depending on how all the numbers add up, I think I will be finally getting my own authority. I need ideas for a name. I want to...
  4. Emily

    Trucking company fined for illegally hauling cobalt 60 in Puerto Rico

    A Puerto Rico trucking company has been fined $20,000 by a U.S. District Court for hauling radioactive material without the proper permits. The charges carried a possible five years of probation and fines up to $500,000. In April, Fraticelli Trucking Co. pleaded guilty to illegally transporting...
  5. dieselweis53

    Starting a company?

    Looking into career choices right now to pick before high school is over next year. I'm currently in Diesel at my trade school. I fell in love with the trucks a few years ago, after the first time I climbed up in my friend's Pete 379. I'm from West Virginia so at 18 I can attempt my CDL but...
  6. T

    AJ Weigand

    Hi ... anyone worked for AJ Weigand in the US? they're part of Seaboard Transport. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. R

    Are there any companies that buy out Contracts?

    Are there any companies that will buy out your current contract, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and making you feel like an idiot? I "work" for C.R England. I've been in Indiana for almost 2 weeks, with no sign of a trainer in sight. I need to find a company that will buyout my...