1. Maria

    British Columbia rest areas to offer free, public Wi-Fi

    Unless they have an unlimited data plan, motorists can quickly drain their cellphone’s data while on the road. Drivers in British Columbia will get some relief. The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation has recently announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi at rest areas. Currently, the rest...
  2. L

    2009 Freightliner Columbia 515HP Detroit with Allison Automatic

    I'm looking at this truck with an automatic. I was told the automatics are fine as long as there is enough horsepower. These trucks have 515 hp, 60 Series Detroit. Anyone have an opinion whether they like the combo or not? Thanks
  3. L

    05 Columbia

    Fan doesn't shut of even when I'm just parked idling and its like 15 degrees outside
  4. F

    Freightliner Columbia marker light issue HELP

    2006 Columbia marker lights on truck and trailer will stop working after a few miles of driving... Sitting in a parking lights they will stay on with no issue but soon as I start driving is when it happens, turn signals, brake lights, headlights still function like they should but lose marker...
  5. L

    05 Columbia Hood Mounts

    So my hood has dropped and is wearing the edge of the cab down where the two meet. Both mounts look fine to me, but do they bend or wear or whatever? Pretty soon the hood will be laying on my lap!
  6. L

    Replacing the drivers side window on an 05 Columbia

    Ok, so the window wouldn't go up or down. I thought no problem easy fix. After two hours of figuring out how to get the panel off everything is rusted and broken. So went to the dealer and picked up a new assembly (crank window). Well in the process of trying to remove the piece the window sits...
  7. L

    05 Columbia Detroit 14L, fuel issues (Fuel Pump)?

    60 Series Detroit . My driver noticed no power on lower gears and what sounded like a miss. Once in high gear (he was empty) it ran out but still missed. Pulled over and noticed the fuel filter assembly (clear housing) only had about 1/4-1/2 inch of fuel in it. Still running and he made it back...
  8. Dee Breezy

    Columbia Fuel Gauge

    Hey Guys, I recently got an 06 columbia and i've made the same runs for two for the past 3 days. When I parked Tuesday I had burned half a tank, but when I arrived home today I was under 1/4 of a tank. Is there a common problem with these trucks and fuel gauges? I wouldn't feel like it would...
  9. D

    2005 columbia no trailer brake lights

    Lost trailer brake lights, truck brake lights work fine. No power at red wire in trailer light cord. None at plug in behind cab. 6 wire cord goes to a 5 wire connector but the brake light wire turns into 2 red wires then a connector. No power at connector either. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Mike

    Buying a Glider - T660 or Columbia?

    Barring any craziness, I will be putting in my order for a build of either a Freightliner Columbia, or a Kenworth T660 on Monday at Fitzgerald. As for simply picking out which truck I would rather drive, I would easily say T660. Ok, seriously, I would rather say w900, but that option has...
  11. C

    2007 freightliner Columbia coolant leak

    I own a 2007 freight liner Columbia I pour antifreeze in the reservoir and when I drive about an hour or two the bucket is empty. Is this the sign of a bad egr cooler? HELP PLEASE
  12. K

    how do you retrieve the flash codes on 04 columbia 14L 60 series

    Please help, how do you retrieve the flash codes on 04 columbia 14L 60 series.
  13. P

    2005 freightliner columbia cab has no power

    we have an 2005 we have no power in cab no overhead lights or cig lighters but dash lights up when head lights are on fuses are goo have power in and out of the box help if you might have an idea
  14. T

    used Columbia

    What do you think of a 2009 Columbia 120 with 700K ,looks nice, for 44K. Seems way high to me but would like opinion. Would you offer 30K maybe??? 10 speed midroof with smaller sleeper. Detroit...says 15 but I think they mean 14..???or no?? body looks sale..
  15. T

    2003 Columbia

    1.2 million miles Detroit 12.7 10 speed what do you think of this rig for 14K?? I would offer 12 only. I talked to original owner and he told me of upgrades etc. It burns 1 gallon of oil every 10K. I know it will need an inframe within year...... thats expected... all else is pretty...
  16. Tazz

    Columbia Tn may be removing fluoride from water Critics question the safety of fluoride, and point to possible adverse health effects and harm to the environment. Supporters -- including most dentists -- said fluoridation is a safe...
  17. I

    2006 2007 freightliner columbia

    hello can anyone tell me if there is a recall on the paint mostly on the sleeper box of my 07 columbia, the paint literally fell off, clean down to the black primer they used.
  18. B

    2003 freightliner Columbia, no power outlets, no interior lights! please help!

    i'm tired of going to the dealer and getting nothing fixed! and when they do "fix" something they only half fix the problem! the truck is a 2003 freightliner columbia 12.7 Detroit 10 speed with sleeper. my problem is, i have no interior lights! no over head lights. none of the 4 in cab 12v...
  19. N

    freightliner columbia mbe 04 won't start

    I have a 04 truck and it won't start without spraying. I took it to the shop and they didn't find anything wrong but it doesn't start without help. I checked the backups valves, fuel filter, fuel lines, I haven't noticed any fuel leak.I don't know what to do anymore.Could somebody give me a...
  20. Road Dust

    Superior Truck Driving School (Columbia, TN)

    Does anyone have any kind of experience or information?