1. I

    Do you wanna help develop the future trucks?

    Hi! We are five industrial design engineering students at Luleå university of technology, Sweden, taking the course "Advanced product design" during the fall of 2019. We're investigating the truck's inner door panel and it's improvement opportunities for an external client and we've established...
  2. M

    The real Merry Chest is back!

    After some back and forth with different people renting out The Merry Chest Cafe over the years, its now time for the good old days to FINALLY come back! 'The Girls' who have been part of the furniture for 40 years are opening it back up on Monday 20th August! It will be the same as it...
  3. DrDaliah

    A cup of coffee a day keeps the heart attack way

    They say the caffeine decreases inflammation. But still no study says its ok to drink soda pop or caffeine drinks. Only coffee. I hate coffee. This blows. Caffeine consumption found to lower heart attack risk
  4. AndyatGoodwin

    Anyone traveling through Kylertown, PA?

    I work for a company that does evaluations at places like truck stops and I'm wondering if anyone is passing through through Kylertown, PA on I-80. We are doing an evaluation at a stop there and need some help. It's pretty simple, just need someone to buy a coffee and take note of the service...