1. AK7

    COBRA Insurance

    Has anybody had problems trying to get COBRA Insurance thru a former employer??
  2. Rooster903

    Cobra 29 LTD Classic with Mosfet Finals FREE

    Mike Cleared me to list this here and share the giveaway with the membership. We have gotten a lot of registrations on the Rooster903 Forum recently and if you are participating in the Cobra 29LTD Classic giveaway we want to make sure you are set to participate. There are two simple rules to...
  3. texan168

    Road king or cobra

    I don't know much about cbs other than how to turn them on. I've got the new14 freightliner with integrated antennae I currently use a stock cobra 29 that doesn't transmit for crap. Is that road king currently advertised by truck stops worth a damned or am I just spinning my wheels till I put a...
  4. T

    connect cobra classic to 2013 cascadia

    Very rookie question. cb has red wire and black wire. Rig has black wire and gold wire. Which are the grounds? Thanks.
  5. Uncle Birchy

    The COBRA HighGear HG-75 Power Mic

    I'm stuck home this weekend and my neighbors informed me they outta dog food and cat chow plus I owe the Vet nearly $175 for visit and medicine for Stoneys infection Anyhow ran to Farm N Fleet that's what my boy and girl are ACCUSTOMED too n Stocked Up On "Clearance Sale" was a Cobra model...
  6. J

    Cobra 29 LTD Classic issues

    Okay so I drive a 2013 Cascadia. Went to check my SWR using the built in meter. Readings on 1, 19, & 40 we all over 3. Now, weird part is, my meter will not work when receiving, but does when transmitting. Bought the radio used and was told it had been peaked and tuned. Other drivers say the...
  7. Jeremy W

    GPS Cobra or Rand McNally?

    I'am thinking about buying a nice GPS. These 2 are highly recommended having a hard time picking one.
  8. milkman78fl

    Cobra 29 NW does't put out anymore.

    I can hear myself thru external speaker but nothing coming in and nothing going out. Have changed coax and antenna but nothing. Only mod this radio has is an echo board. 98 model Cobra. Is it really worth having fixed or should i get a new one?
  9. S

    cobra cb flush mount.

    I have a kw w900, and I saw another w900 that had the cb mounted up flush on the top og the upper dash, kinda like the way you'd have a stereo installed. Nice and flush and neat looking. Id need that plastic cut away part for the cb to fit in, but does any1 know how is mount the cb radio to...
  10. S

    cobra 29 LTD BT

    I just got a cobra cb for my dump truck. Tried installing it and followed the instructions, switching to the CAL, then adjusting to needle is at the CAL mark. Then switching to SWR to read the SWR. When I do this the needle swings way to the right and the antenna red light is on. I am using a...
  11. B

    cobra 21 23 channel

    i have a cobra 21 will a uniden 4 pin mic work with this model both r 4 pin hook up
  12. orion

    cobra 29lx

    what do you think im keeping my heater but wanted something to put up front lmk
  13. 3

    Cobra 5550 Pro vs Rand Mcnally 510 gps

    I need a good gps for doing local deliveries,I want to make my decision between Cobra 5550 Pro vs Rand Mcnally 510,I don't want you to tell me that Google maps or tom tom are better cuz they're not!!! What do you guys think!!!
  14. K

    Dale Earnhardt Edition Cobra 29

    Anyone interested in a Dale Earnhardt cobra 29. Been peeked an tuned, clean. No scratches, dings or dents! In box w/ all original packing material. Paid $149 bout 8 years ago. Make an offer. Give me time to respond, don't have internet access all week while on the road. Thanks
  15. Mike

    Cobra Electronics Introduces New 7" Platinum Navigation System

    New 7750 Platinum debuts at the 2010 Great American Trucking Show DALLAS, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cobra Electronics Corporation (Nasdaq: COBR), today announced the debut of the 7750 Platinum, its new 7" navigation unit specifically designed for the professional driver. The new 7750...
  16. Cybergal

    Cobra To Bow Trucker PND

    Cobra To Bow Trucker PND 7/21/09
  17. truckerstrike08

    Cobra 29LTD Chrome

    Ok whats the difference between the regular Cobra LTD 29 and the CHROME ones? I like CHROME LOL :banana1: If I did drive an 18 wheeler I would be broke cause I really like the color or "metal"