cb radio

  1. Gabriel Macmahon

    Something want to tell

    Got my radio about week and a half ago love it, all set up and ready to go,
  2. Radiotronics

    Do you have a CB radio?

    Unlike a mobile phone, in most parts of the world, using a CB radio whilst driving is completely legal and can also be good for company on long journeys - even if you're only listening. I'm wondering how many members have a CB radio in their cab? If so, what do you get from having one? If...
  3. Usmcauley

    Radio check, radio check

    It's almost like there isn't a point to a CD anymore. Maybe once or twice a month I'll have a conversation with another driver that lasts longer than 30 seconds. I recently was getting an "antenna warning" on my cb, so I did some fiddling until it went away. "radio check, radio check". Nothing...
  4. I

    CBs still necessary?

    Interesting article here on whether CBs still matter..