cb antenna

  1. Ellen Shawn

    I want to buy the CB Antenna

    Do you know about any trusted CB Radio dealer? I want to buy the Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna. (Trucker version). If anyone knows, kindly let me know about it. I am waiting. This one,
  2. jamesgordon2050

    Stryker SR-A10 a Great antenna which works like you could have dreamed off

    I have this antenna mounted to a piece of sheet metal bolted to my truckbox. I don't run my CB that often, but when I did, I had a lot of static. This antenna is perfect for a person who uses their CB when their driving on the highway, and who want to know where the smokey's are at, or somebody...
  3. EricExtreme

    Looking for LRD-1012 Antenna

    I recently got my hands on a Magnum-1012 handheld... Now I am looking for the LRD-1012 27” antenna for it. I have a cobra Ha-Ta antenna which is the same size, by as a completionist I would like to get the original LRD-1012 antenna. Thanks!
  4. B

    Wilson antennas

    Help not sure if this is right but I do like Wilson antennas !!!
  5. H

    Best antenna setup on Volvo 670

    Hello all. Has anyone used a rear of bunk single antenna on one of these high rise sleepers with good results? I'm wary of the dual factory setup and had good results with back of bunk setup one midroofs. I pull flatbed so I have lots to work with as for mounting on my headache rack. Thanks.
  6. Robert Johnson

    My first time

    Hello Every body hope every one here will be fine me Robert from NC , Em a trucker, well graduated trucker,,... well i want to ask a question ,,,, that i was in a cb antenna store and was buying the cb antenna ( Mag Mount) ,, there i saw two cb antennas may be every one here know well ,,, the...
  7. 8

    Truck TV Antenna

    @DubbleD got me thinking. I have satellite TV on my truck and got bored yesterday and switched my TV to antenna mode and did a scan and came up with 25 channels. Most useless except for this ME channel. It had Gilligans Island, Hogans Heroes and a ton of other classic stuff. I have no idea...
  8. Mike

    2014 Freightliner Cascadia EVO - No CB Antenna Mounts

    This has got to be hard to adjust to for most truck drivers, even though most don't use the CB anymore anyway.... But no antennas on the truck? Anybody driving one of these that can give a testimonial regarding the reception of their CB? I'm curious how well this new system is working. For...
  9. Uncle Birchy

    The CB BEST antenna HANDS DOWN

    About a third to half the threads here are best antenna. The problem here is best is based upon personal experiences without any regard for ones radio or setup... The best antenna hands down is........ Based upon your needs and setup. Most CB junkies got linear amps and run power and in...
  10. JACC0811

    29 LX LCD - Antenna Warning

    I just got the Cobra 29 LX LCD and was wondering how I can get rid of the antenna warning. The radio is in a '12 Cascadia with dual antennas that came with the truck. Would removing one solve the issue? SWR. Reading is (according to the radios meter) .5 on 40, and a bit over 2 on 1 and 20. I...
  11. J

    Volvo cb antenna stud replacement

    volvo truck cb antenna replacement How do I remove the back side of my mirror so I can replace the stud for my cb antenna, with out breaking somethimg
  12. krelithous

    placing an xm radio antenna!!!

    anyone know where the best place to put an xm atenna is so my service don't drop out. and whats the best atenna to use in a trk i'm running an xm mp3 portable unit. thanks
  13. S

    How do I tune my antennas?

    I have just put a cobra ultra 3 cb in my truck. I bought new coax and a 24'' Astatic antenna. Now I am totally new to the CB thing and only got it to help me when picking up materials at the quarrys because all the loaders are on CB. So I have everything I need to hook up my cb, mounts etc. I...
  14. Racer X 69

    CB Antenna Suggestions Please

    Last winter I went through about 2,956 antennas. The problem was when I was running through snow storms, or freezing rain, and the antennas would load up with ice and then eventually break off. The truck had a couple of fiberglass shaft Wilson antennas on it when I inherited it last year and...
  15. R

    Glass mounted CB antenna??

    Hello, Does anybody have any information on the Glass Mounted CB Antennas? I was looking into purchasing one and didn't know if they were any good. Any information would be appreciated. thanks, RP
  16. C

    Need CB Radios Antennas

    Hi, I am looking to buy good CB Radios and Antennas. If anybody intersted in suppliying on a regular basis, pl email me or post back on the forum. I am interested in buying all kinds of Truckers supplies. I have tried different companies but service is poor.
  17. S

    I need CB antennas

    I have a CB radio in my Dump truck, and the antenna wires run through the door and right up to the top of the mirror where there is a antenna mounting bracket. Now the cable has been cut cleanly at each mirror and I have no antennas. My question is what kind of fitting do I need for the end of...
  18. searay

    TV Antenna

    Will my stock Tv Antenna in my truck work with the new Digital TV's? If not what kind do I use?
  19. Mike

    Single or Dual Antenna setup, which is best?

    For a big truck application, what is the best setup? One antenna or two? Many things I read say that the dual antenna setup give you better send/receive front and rear, while a single is going to push the signal in one direction or the other, depending on where the antenna is mounted. What...
  20. Mike

    CB Antennas Annoy Me

    I can't add up the amount of money I have thrown at CB antennas over the years. Dual antennas or a single? Depends on who you ask! Most recently, I had a very good set of antennas, but I don't know what they are called. They look cheap, but were recommended to me by a radio shop in Georgia a...