1. K

    Need Advise - 2006 KW T600 Water Pump

    Hi to all. Looking for advise , looking to buy a good Water pump for a 2006 KW T600 with C15 Asert MXS 55416 but do not want to pay dealer price , Any suggestions on a good replacement water pump would be greatly appreciated
  2. ajala

    Wiring diagram cat 3406e

    Wiring diagram cat 3406e anyone??????
  3. C

    cat 3406 b. 12.000 original miles

    Any tips for mile 3406 b for maintaining. In a ford l9000
  4. W

    3406E Not opening up when loaded

    My 3406E (in a 1998 379 Peterbilt) isn't opening up when loaded. This is a different problem than I was having a couple months ago, same symptoms, but a wiring harness on the engine fixed it. Now the truck is basically doing the same thing. I can't really tell anything is wrong when empty. Every...
  5. Jcptrucking

    Cat 3406b no power to fuel solenoid when key on

    I have an 88 Kenworth T800 with a 3406b motor. Truck has been sitting for a few years and I was trying to get her running again. When I put the new batteries In I was getting no power so I cleaned up the grounds from the starter to the frame rail and motor and cleaned all the connections on the...
  6. R

    1995 international 9400 3406e 10sp

    Looking at purchasing a 1995 international 9400 with 3406e matched to a 10sp. Have never owned international or a 3406e so any advise would be greatly appreciated
  7. Dukers

    3406c mechanical timing

    I had the timing advance rebuilt on my 3zj now there is a pronounced fuel rattle. The boost is a touch lower but the pyro is the same. Is there any issues involved with to much advance
  8. K

    Cat c15 head and 3406e head

    I have a 3406e but the head broke... So i was wondering if I could replace it with a c15 head and work right. Thank you.
  9. C

    Peterbilt with Cat 3406B

    I have a 91 Peterbilt 379 with a cat 3406b 425. The jake brake is only a 2 stage which is 2cyl and 4cyl. I want to know if i could put a 3 stage jake brake on it with 2,4,6cyl
  10. W

    Cat 3406E...HP?

    I don't know a lot about trucks...just use them on the family farm to haul grain with. I'm in a truck about 4 months out of the year. When I found my 98' Pete 379 EXHD listed online, it said it had a Cat 3406E 435 HP. I always thought the E model Cats have 475 HP but I knew they could be turned...
  11. C

    1987 3406 B Fuel found in oil

    Hi, has anyone had fuel in the oil on a 3406 B? I'm a mechanic by trade but not much experience on Cat engines. I don't have special Cat tooling or parts breakdown drawings. The engine starts and runs just like new. There is no obvious fuel leak under the valve covers. Is there any chance the...
  12. C

    swapping a 3306cat for a 3406 cat eng

    Hey everyone, I have a 1989 PB 357. The truck has a 3306 cat eng that just blew. I would like to be able to replace it with a cat 3406 eng. I have been doing research to find out if it will fit or not . does anyone know if this will work? Thanks
  13. R

    cat 3406e 10 spd , 3.90 rears , 22.5 tires

    can someone tell me what kind of mpg can be expected out of this set up and what rpm would I be at 70 mph? Im out of Houston and pull flats usually south east and as far up as OH and back. Would this set up be ok for that?
  14. AlexG

    hello from Texas (3406B questions)

    Im new to this forum, and i would like to know where is the best part to ask questions about the good old 3406b? Alex.
  15. T

    Cat C15 / 3406 block deck erosion problem

    Many Cat truck engines which have been overhauled several times, are developing very bad erosion on the block deck, where the water grommets seat on the top of the block. Installing the grommets on blocks that are badly eroded is a risky practice. If they leak, you risk having coolant leaking to...
  16. W

    Catepillar Engines

    When I hear that a truck has a 435 hp Cat or a 475 hp Cat, are these just 425 Cats thats been turned up?
  17. C

    IH 9400 w/ Cat 3406E engine set at 375 HP

    I have a 1995 IH 9400 w/ a Cat 3406E engine that is set at 375 HP. I would like to get about 450 HP out of this engine. If I go through the dealer they can up it to 410 HP, but I would have to install a new turbo. Is it possible to take a ECU out of another semi with a 3406E that is...
  18. G

    3406 (E) Electronic 16 Liter 600 HP CAT Engine

    Newly custom Caterpiller® 3406(E) Engine details: 3406 (E) Electronic 16 Liter 600 HP (Dyno Break-in) Components: Custom machined Block, Counter Bores & Line Bore New Crankshaft Standard and Balanced New 16 Liter 5.5 Bore 2 piece Steel Pistons - Balanced New Liners & Vitron O-Rings New...
  19. G

    600HP 16 Liter CaterPillar 3406 B/C

    "CATERPILLAR TO EXIT ON-HIGHWAY TRUCK ENGINE MARKET" :beep: Newly Customized Caterpillar 3406 B/C Engine Specs: 16 Liter 600HP (Dyno-Break in) 935 Components: Custom machined Block, Counter Bores & Line Bore Crankshaft Standard and Balanced New 16 Liter 5.5 Bore 2 piece Steel pistons -...
  20. F

    looking for list of engine sensors on 3406E

    My pop has a 95 Freightliner FLD120 with a CAT 3406E.I am looking for a list of all the engine sensors that are on it.Can someone help me?