1. FreightWavesTom

    #1 Source for Navigating the Freight Markets The future of freight is here. We give carriers access to lightning fast insights into asset positioning and allocation, increased truck and asset utilization in ever-changing backhaul and headhaul markets, and better responsiveness to freight market...
  2. rscelfo

    Other DOT Requirements

    Newbie Car Hauler Here! I have a Ford F350 hauling a 3-4 car hauler. I'm gonna be working on attaining my CDL but I figured I can start working in the southeast (not Texas) as long as I stay under 26,000 lbs. hauling 3 sedans max in an ultra light trailer. Working mostly in the state of...
  3. J

    Driver pay/recruitment

    I write about transportation and logistics for The Wall Street Journal, and I'm looking to talk with truckers about hiring, pay and recruitment/retention efforts. My focus is on drivers for truckload companies but other perspectives are also welcomed. Have you recently switched carriers in...