1. juscoolinconcrete

    '13 Pete cabover blower motor problems - no power - please help! need it asap

    Hey everyone. Me and my Dad recently opened mobile maintenance shop strictly for heavy duty diesels. Now neither him or I are certified mechanics though we may be considered more of your backyard variety. He is too humble to admit the extent of his mechanical knowledge and I'm simply too...
  2. The Farmer David

    International cabover Cummins nh855 big cam

    I just bought a 1987 International with a Cummins nh855 and roadranger 9 speed air ride, 390 rears. Iam curious if any body could give me some advice. It had a bearing in the transmission that is bad, I have $4500 in the truck. The motor seems to be in good condition, has about 600,000 mile...
  3. K

    77 kw cabover and bull hauling

    Hi, I have a 77 kw k100 basically a show truck... And am planning to start hauling cattle in one year. What i would like to know is would my truck still be allowed to haul cattle because of the year... Planning on hauling for National Careers in liberal, ks. Thanks
  4. K

    Removing engine from a cabover

    Hi, good evening. I was wantin to know how hard is it to remove and put a new engine in a kenworth k100 cabover... I know you hav to tilt the cab all the way but do you guys have any good tips on how to do it. Preciated.
  5. K

    Kenworth cabover steering wheel

    Hi goodevening , i have question idk if you could possibly help me out. I have a 77 kenworth k100 with the big white stock steering wheel.. I wanna put a 18 inch steering wheel on it but idk if it would change the the steering for the bad, by that i mean by turning the steering wheel more to...
  6. Southern Fried

    Freightliner Cabovers

    If anybody's looking for an old COE to restore or part out, I made a little discovery this weekend when running down to Laredo TX. On the southern part of the 410 loop at San Antonio, just before you hit I35 South glance to the right. There's what appears to be a heavy equipment scrapyard and...
  7. H

    does anyone know where I can find a 77-83 peterbilt 352 double bunk cabover

    Looking for a peterbilt 352 double bunk cabover from 77-83 for around $ 5,000 Any information is great. Must be a steel frame.
  8. S


    Hey im still researching possible routes I can take to becoming an owner operator someday. I really like the idea of getting an old cabover that is in good condition. It seems to me like a pretty nice one could be picked up for around 7500 bucks. Not having a truck payment seems like a real...
  9. Uncle Birchy

    Is the CABOVER making a COMEBACK

    Used to be I Saw very few cabovers with the exception of along the Texas border as mexican companies keep wrenching up Other than that just sone of the auto hauling outfitis with the argosy straight truck trailer combo n afew others Seems in the last year or two I am seeing atleast a dozen...

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