broker agent

  1. W


    Hello, new to this forum seeking any truckers around the New York City area for discussion, general questions about freights, digital freight brokerages. Doing some research and any story/experience or willingness to answer would be great.
  2. Mikey Harman

    Looking to get back into Broker Agent work

    I was a broker agent in 2007 to 2008 would like to get back into this line of work. Anyone need to add a hard working agent? My wife and I did this as a team she did all the data entry and I did the calling. I am here in Reno Nevada vey close to I-80 a major transportation route. If you need an...
  3. M

    New Freight Broker Agent

    I am new to the freight brokering business and I am looking for someone to shadow under and listen to a couple of calls just to understand the basics to communicate with other companies and getting shippers. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.