air filter

  1. R

    Cabin rec air filter Peterbilt 579 2014

    Hello Where is the Peterbilt 579 air recirculation filter please help
  2. Mike

    Air Filter Suggestions - Donaldson vs. Fleetguard vs. Baldwin vs. Fleet Air Filters vs. K&N Filters

    If you have a newer model truck (and own it), then you are aware that the cost of these filters is a bit expensive. You should also be aware that shopping around and buying them before you need them can save you lots of money. Anyhow, I bring this up because in almost 200,000 miles, I have...
  3. Z

    Air filter

    Does anyone use the Napa Goldline air filter?
  4. R

    Snow clogged Air Filter

    I recently was sitting in the North Dakota blizzard waiting out the storm, was up most the night went to bed around 4am, everything was fine according to gages, woke up to buzzers going off at 8am air filter clogged, dpf full, on a 2016 T880 with 33k miles now i started problem solving, popped...
  5. K

    How to replace recirculation air filter

    I have a 2002 Freightliner Century Class S/T. I need to replace the recirculation air filter, but the maintenance manual shows a diagram with the cover and the filter but does not say where it is located. It only says for instructions, see Section 60.08 of the Century Class Trucks Workshop...
  6. D

    Air Filter

    Hi guys, what do you do in cleaning filters?
  7. Injun

    Change the Air Filter, Stupid..

    Okay, so last week was busy for Girly. Had the truck doctor under her skirt twice. First, the engine was overheating on climbs and shutting down. Fluids were fine. It would start right back up again and run just fine until the next time it overheated. It never went over 215. I had the...
  8. mndriver

    toss that air filter indicator.....

    Been sitting looking at my air filter indicator. Been sitting in he green between 2-4 pretty much all winter. In the green just like it was good. Reviewing my records, been in for 140,000 miles. Considering 1 mpg equals about $1000 per month in fuel, a $50 filter couple times a year is...
  9. Tim

    K&N Air Filters vs Paper Filters.

    As I have posted in another thread about using K&N air filters and being one of there test trucks I'll post my updates here. I've got my oil sample back that was with the use of paper air filters and the Silicon (dirt) was at 3, Fuel soot was at 0.2. I've seen the Silicon go as high as 8 and the...
  10. Dayripper

    cleaning or replacing the air filter in the cab

    :dunno:i have a 1996 T600. any one know if it has a cab filter? my heater dont blow real hard and im thinking its plugged up but i cant seem to find the dam thing.