1. mndriver

    Let's talk "aerodynamics".....

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  2. Coronado Kid

    Attention vs Aerodynamic's

    Im not a driver yet lol! but Im wondering should I get this this or this for my first truck......... 2000 freightliner century 2000 freightliner classic xl 2000 peterbilt 379 2000 kdubya w900
  3. D

    Fuel Economy fuel economy - classic vs. aerodynamic trucks

    Prudent business oversight includes monitoring fuel consumption constantly as this is one cost associated with the performance of each truck that indicates issues to more than just the bottom line. A drop in MPG can indicate numerous items that need to be checked and re-checked; 1. Engine...
  4. Duck

    Tree Huggin' hippy aerodynamic stupid things

    This is the trailer I'm hooked up to at the moment. I think I like this aero crap better than trailers that don't have anything at all. Just for one small reason though. It'll serve as a shield & keep road debris from hitting those dangling air lines. (Hm.... two cops just tore-ass through...
  5. dipstick2

    The next aerodynamic truck is from NASA

    Were still waiting tho , heres a shot from 1975 , id totally drive it as long as the nasa stuff is still on it , everyone would think its powered by nukes or something
  6. Duck

    Aerodynamic trailers gaining traction

    Aerodynamic tractors have been a growing part of the heavy-duty truck market for decades. With much of the tractor aero gains already carved out from years of wind-tunnel testing and refined engineering, attention now has swung to trailers. MinStar, a long-haul dry van fleet running out of...
  7. Maria

    Volvo to introduce powertrain enhancements, improved aerodynamics

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Volvo Trucks in North America Thursday will introduce powertrain enhancements and advanced aerodynamics for its VN highway series aimed at delivering an 8 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over EPA 2007 engines with additional gains possible through the use of new fleet...
  8. Cybergal

    C.R. England Tests Side Skirts for Trailer Aerodynamics

    C.R. England Tests Side Skirts for Trailer Aerodynamics 6/2/09