1. D

    Need more advice.

    Anyone ever wrecked a lease purchase vehicle. I was told by the insurance company adjustment and settlement would take a couple weeks. My question is what happens after. Do they settle, pay the lease company, and then I go get another truck from the company or what
  2. D

    Need advice

    Doc175 New Member I'm a lease purchase owner operator who is leased to USA truck. I wrecked my truck Thursday morning came around a blind curve and up a hill and on 70 w through Pennsylvania. Two trucks were in the break down lane I moved left, crested the hill and with no warning traffic...
  3. AZBL

    Considering Trucking, need advice

    I'm looking into getting into the local trucking business. I live in AZ and am actually about to finish up my Bachelors in Criminal Justice from ASU. Was gonna go do seasonal LE work for the NPS, which requires you to do multiple seasons before you are eligible for a permanent position. So...
  4. LRod

    Hello Everybody!

    This is me, 20 yrs experience: As a Career Advisor, I work to assist Truckers with their career development and job search, and help secure employment. I am the primary point of contact for job seekers, and provide assistance not only with job placement, but also with referrals to partner...
  5. I

    Gear advice for new drivers

    Hi, I'm writing an article for some trucking magazines and I'm looking for some advice for new drivers. Specifically, what equipment/gear would you advise new truckers to buy for the cab and why? Anything from power inverters to appliances, electronics, clothing etc. What should they bring on...
  6. M

    Female friendly truck stops

    Hello to you, hope all is well. I am just starting out as a young female truck driver. Am wanting advice on staying safe for the nights. I will be solo running the western 11.
  7. T

    Christmas gift Advice needed!

    hi all, I hope you don't mind me asking... It's not long until Christmas now and I'm stuck on what to buy my Lorry driver partner, and wondered if any of you had any suggestions? I'm slightly clueless on the subject of trucks but I know he drives a Scania but may be changing so I don't want...