Whats for Supper?


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Probably make a spinach salad with it.

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Say What!!!! It looks lonely and naked.....nothing for it to cuddle or hug.....foods like company ya know......like gravy loves to hug potatoes or a hot biscuit....salads like to be topped with dressings......butter runs it self all over the corn on the cob......foods love being with each other......if your wondering and thinking this over ......this is why people crave foods. People see it all dressed and decked out they just naturally got to have a bite of it.
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Cut up polish sausage, potatoes, white onion, bell peppers, spices all fried together. Tossed salad, ice tea. For tonight meal
This planned meal never got a chance to get near the stove....my son came taring threw my front door saying mom have you built your super yet. No why....good cause you and I are going out to eat......and spend some quality time together. So .ended up with a chicken fried steak baked potato and corn on the cob for super and time well spent with my son.


Papa John's Pizza. I was looking forward to pork chops when I got home but the wif said she was too tired and just ordered us pizza.