Truckers weigh in on proposed parking ordinance


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Truck driver Toby Padilla lived in Rio Rancho, NM, for more than 21 years without any problems until two years ago when he and his family moved into their new home on a 1.5-acre lot, where he also started parking his gravel truck.



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I think it is time!!! to take to HUMAN RIGHTS COURT to fight this. There is no other court!! will give us our rights. I feel like secondary citizen with good education. I wish they are selling HOT AIR BALOONS, so nobody will bother as anymore.


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I think what needs to be done is for the truckers to unite and come up with a black list. For every one to stop moving freight is crazy. But if we came together and set up a black list of the towns and states that are making hard for us to keep there state or town moving and not deliver there makes more sense. I mean if the unions can shut down a business and get national head lines. Then what do you think would happen if truckers band deliverys from these places. Maybe these ignorant places will realize that they need to treat us with a little more respect because with out us they stop moving.


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December ticketing time!! Last 11 years I paid for tickets 16000.00 $ ya 16000.00 $
and no tax deductible. I got one already this month. One ticket means two, they give me for tractor and trailer separately. I went to City many times trying to get street parking permit, and NO LUCK!!!!! I hope one day somebody will pay back all my money with interest on it.