Truck losing coolant.


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My truck is losing coolant. It is not leaking out on the ground. I topped it up a few days ago and it was fine for a day. I topped it up again and put the cap on real tight. After I drove for about two hours, The temp gauge was real high. |I shut the truck off the coolant came pissing out on the ground. I topped it up and did not tighten the cap so tight and it was fine for a few days.

Yesterday I drove down near Philly about 500 miles then up to Allentown about an hour away everything was fine. I topped it up in New Milford Pa. I drove about 3 hours and the stop engine light came on. I topped it up and drove another 3 hours and the same thing happened.

The cap I am talking about is not like the old style rad caps with a vent in the top. This is just a simple plastic cap.
Any ideas?


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Raymond had some kind of coolant to compressor leak on his Cascadia.

If he tightened the cap down it became pressurized and vapor locked (Donny's description) the coolant so it would not circulate. Leaving it loose allowed for blow out when hot.


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my truck detroit is turning my resivor tank black not like oil like smoke color ,pressure blowing coolant out tube ,oil level is good