Swift trying to change image of Starter Company?


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Well I had have took a break from driving to focus on restructuring of my life, So much so Ended up moving thousands of miles to new state. I used to work for Swift for a little over a year before the break in 2015, I been getting the itch to go back to driving so I veiwed some Company's profile when Swift ad popped up offering 4000.00 sign on bonus for experienced drivers which gotten my attention as 2500.00 is biggest bonus I heard of them givin. After Submitting my App and being approved for rehire I asked the Recruiter why such a Big bonus. She said they are going after experienced drivers with the bigger bonuses rather than train newbies because its ALOT cheaper, plus she said that Swift has restructured there hiring creiteria and is tougher to get hired on which comes to my question. Is Swift trying to change there image of starter Company? Btw the recruiter is a ex central refrigerated driver who was forced to stop driving for medical reasons


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Swift will still be a company that hires and trains new drivers. But they also recognize the value of experience. I wouldn't call it an attempt to change the company's image so much as a fundamental shift in company culture. Once that shift is completed, the company's image should take care of itself.