Swift Adjusts Earnings Report From Lawsuit


Swift Transportation reversed course after reporting third-quarter earnings were up 4.7% year-over-year to $38 million on Oct. 24, lowering the number to $24 million, or a 34% decline lower than a year ago. The Phoenix-based company wrote in a letter to investors Nov. 1 that pending litigation forced it to add $22 million in legal reserves, lowering earnings before tax and interest. As a result, Swift also will pay $8 million less in taxes and thus the total impact is a $14 million decline in overall earnings.

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But the good news for @Injun is

Dedicated contract carriage revenue climbed 8.9% to $234.4 million, and weekly revenue per tractor was up 8.1% to $3,603.


Rabid Squaw
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Yeh.. Inherited litigation left over from Central. That's something to keep in mind when absorbing another company. You get the whole shitteroni, warts and all.