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The USSR was always Russia. The state of Belarus declared independence from the collapsing USSR in 1991.
My point exactly! USSR was Russia and Russia is not the same as the USSR, You said Belarus became independent from the collapse of the USSR . That was my point. Thank you for that.

Now you are like 4 posts in of me asking what was the brand name of the Belarus tractors Brand names, Still have not given the brand names.

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That is the brand name trooper. B-E-L-A-R-U-S. Got that chuckles???? ;):D

Well, I have heard mechanics call them "MF##&%**!! when working on the wiring.:D

BTW, you misspelled "fish".... that's another 3 points off. Maybe you should try golf????
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feel like going mudding?

or just surviving Moscow traffic?


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In Soviet Russia road train is a train on road......

12X12 vehicle which is actualy a train on chasis of mobile nuclear launcher vehicle. It has two functions. It was ment to be a heavy load transporter through Siberia and mobile power station.... Anyway it's huge and scary

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Isn't it interesting how good we are at making stuff to kill each other (several times over) but all of this woopdy-do high tech stuff can be screwed up by the weather. Too bad we ain't near as smart as we think we are.


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We are the best in reversing a good things and inventions against ourselfs.... everything that man invents is used against him sooner or later. Alberto Santos - Dumont was a brasilian aviation pioneer who commited suicide due to the fact that his airplanes were used in brasilian war as a bombers and gunners. His dream was to show to as many people as possible the beauty of flight, but army made it opposite