Should Pot Be Legal?

Should Pot Be Legal?

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    Votes: 6 66.7%
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The New Yorker

Is a way of life
I don't smoke pot as for most of you I'm sure. Which is why it makes sense to ask around here. The bonuses from legalizing it would be many I think. If you can buy Pot at the local gas station more people would be willing to smoke it. And maybe some would lighten up a bit and no be so damn uptight. It's all natural, to my knowledge there's no health harm in moderate intake other then temporally stuck on stupid. But aint that kinda why you would wanna smoke. Think of the tax revenue that would generate. Maybe they can stop taxing the mairda out of us, right , wishful thinking.

The New Yorker

Is a way of life
And one more question, do you smoke? And why or why not?
Once or twice a year I may, I don't just cause I don't care for it much. And the paranoia is a bit much.


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I don't anymore, But to be honest I would rather see some one smoke one then drink alot and get behind a wheel.

i agree. i would rather light one up than crack one open. and i haven't touched it since '01. but since beer is legal it is my vice of choice.


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I think it should be legal. I don't smoke it, and if it were made legal, I don't know if I would smoke it or not.


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No I do not smoke it I am pregnant and don't smoke it when I'm not knocked up. Been knocked up going on my 3rd year now LOL

No I don't wish for it to be legal cause I wouldn't want my kid's doctor stoned while working on any of them-just an example.

I think it should be used for medical reasons though. My father in law has colon cancer they just told him the percocets and morphine are no longer helping so that leaves me to wonder if weed will help him? I doubt he would smoke it anyway cause he's a preacher man.


If pot was legal, I wouldn't smoke it. Tried a couple of times several years ago and it wasn't my cup of tea. Beer on the other hand - bring it on.

There are good and bad points for pot being legal. Ok, that doesn't cause so much disturbance as the alcohol but how do you control the smoking? Pothead in traffic - no thanks. Pothead as my doc - hell, no way.
It's clear to see if someone's drunk but it's not always so easy to spot if someone smoked a joint.
So the coin has to sides...


The New Yorker

Is a way of life
Well it has to have restrictions, same as beer does. Anyone on the job, no. Off the job doing your vise, then what ever. You don't see doctors drinking or even smoking cigs before they see you now, why would that change. but on their own time, so be it. You would be floored to learn how many doc's, lawyers, and whomever with respectable jobs smoke weed. But everyone looks at things in the worst way these days, if everyone took a deep breath and looked around for a minute. Learned to RELAX. life would be far less stressful.
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