Read This Before Posting In The Shutdown Forum


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The discussion in this forum is restricted to the Rally and Shutdown plans stated in the following thread:

Any posts regarding other shutdown, other organizations, political agendas or whatever will either be moved or deleted.

We have several other forums here for people to discuss other issues and organizations, or political agendas. It is very important that we keep this forum on topic.

And with that said, keep this in mind when posting something new.....

If what you are posting is new information, and/or would be better received in a thread of it's own

post a new thread rather than just replying to something unrelated. The information will be much better received, much easier to find, and much more useful to the readers. When you simply reply to a post, and have important information to give out, what you are posting gets quickly buried and never seen again. So please, unless it is a response to a current topic, and related to what you are replying to, create a new thread.

And please, lets keep each and every thread on topic

Thanks for understanding.