Port draws fire from Georgetown neighbors


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Sep 17, 2007
Port draws fire from Georgetown neighbors over rigs, air pollution

Seattle Times, United States
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Cathy Hendrickson slips out of her Georgetown home with her dog Joey on a midnight mission: counting the number of tractor-trailer trucks that work the Port of Seattle docks by day and wind up parked along her neighborhood's streets at night.
Her recent tally: 84 rigs jammed the streets in a four-block area.
Hendrickson and her neighbors have complained to the Port, saying the freight-hauling trucks are a noisy, smelly nuisance that add to the neighborhood's pollution and parking problems.
"I have just as much right to clean air as anyone," she said.
Aside from being unsightly, the trucks snap tree limbs, crush curbs and leave behind greasy rags, empty Prestone jugs and puddles of oil on the streets and in the bushes.
Neighbors are needling the Port to meet its goal of being among the "cleanest, greenest and most energy-efficient ports" in the world. They've also joined a national clean-ports movement that has come to Seattle after becoming a political force in California.
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Feb 1, 2007
A case of residential housing, and industry getting too close together.

Not sure about this exact situation, but where do they propose the trucks go? I get real irritated at people who call trucks a nuisance.


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Aug 19, 2007
How about not Complaining to the Ports and Complaining to the Federal and Local Governments to provide More parking for Trucks. There is clearly an issue here with how many parking areas are provided for trucks in seattle.

I don't know why, but this story rubs me the wrong way. To me, all it did was single out trucks for being a nuisance, smelly, noisy hazard. It said nothing as to what may HELP this problem. It was all about a home owner tired of trucks parking down her street. Yes, we care about this ladies opinions and privacy, however we need help from her and everyone else down that street. The parking problems we have in this country are not to be taken lightly because of incidences like this one.

There is simply too much complaining and not enough solutions. People like her, all they will do is complain until they are blue in the face and nothing will happen. Why? Because she is talking to the wrong people. The ports could give a rats ass about where these truckers are parking. She and others need to be educated about this issue because it is a nation wide problem and it needs national attention.

Yes I'm pissed.