Our Premium Member Forum: For those topics that we cannot discuss in public for all sorts of reasons


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Just for clarification, this forum required premium membership to access. You can see the forum in our off topic area, but to view the threads, post in the threads, or create threads within that forum, premium membership is required.

Rules still apply to some extent, but really only to maintain order.

With the ability to ignore individual threads now, it is simple enough to avoid a topic within this area that you may find offensive.

This forum also houses the busiest thread we have. It was put behind a wall for protection in the beginning, and now has content that we could never allow to be publicly available on the forum.

This is not a forum we are going to heavily monitor. Like I said, rules do still apply, but only in a manner that they are only enforced when we feel things are getting out of hand.

If you feel an area like this is for you, you are welcome to support the forum with Premium Membership, and gain immediate access.

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