newb questions

Sep 30, 2007
hello i would like to be a owner operator, i am a total newb yet to buy a truck or even have the license. I have a few questions.
-Just how would i get loads to deliver if i am a owner operator?
And i am thnking about maybe getting another truck and have someone work for me? any help would be appreciated.


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Feb 1, 2007
You have a couple options.

If you lease your truck to a company, you will be dispatched on loads just like a company driver, however, you will have the option to turn down loads you don't want to run.

If you get your own authority you will have to depend on the load boards/brokers to get loads quite often. You can also build contacts with companies over time and begin pulling freight directly for some companies. Look into companies that are close to where you live and try to make some contacts and possibly get some regular outbound freight from these places.

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