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:sad:well got pre hired onto roehl and everything was going good untill they needed non family references for my unemployeement time :runningaround:. this sucks since i dont have any friends i like to keep to myself,(less trouble that way) and that the reason i took the time off was since i got married and pregnant in oct 04 then started the "vacation" in jan 05 due to morning sickness.had baby girl in july 05 and decided to stay with her for a while. then in 06 my then husband quit trying to find a job and help support the family so i had to go back to work. family was the only people around us during this time. im out of options,confused, heartbroken,and just need help. i dont know what else i can do since i cant get anyone else to hire me because of my age. HELP Please i could use any advice.:dunno::confused:


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that sucks. not sure what to say. thought you had the werner gig going on. roehl is a much better company to work for. i hate to see anyone go thru this crap when they are trying to better themselaves. it's frustrating i know. i wish i could help you out.

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what's the problem with your age?..and have you considered asking neighbors to vouche for you when it comes to being a reference?alot of people dont mind if they know it'll help a person out.I have a neighnor who does it for me when I apply to companies,I also went to some folks I knew from old jobs that I run into fairly frequently.I let them know what's going on and they agreeed to help me.Honestly if it wasn't for these folks I would have no non family references because,like you,I have very few friends down here.It's just a result of the way I live,but companies act like your a criminal if you dont have 3 people to list...anywho..maybe it'll work for you too?I'll be a reference for you if ya want,I know how hard it is to get hired on with a decent company!!hope this helps out!


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Neighbors, old friends, second cousins. Maybe the spouse of someone where you used to work, even a pastor or deacon in a church.


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ANY member of the church you "subscribe to", be it pastor, deacon, even the the various members that attend, like you do.

your hairdresser, your dry cleaner, your grocery store owner (or manager).

all you might want to do is, type up a letter stating your name, address, phone number.......then have it say something like,

"To whom it may concern", I have known XX for at least a period of 6 months to one year, and I can attest this person XX was unemployed for XX lenght of time. (be sure to be specific in your dates)

then you go up and ask these people if they would help you by reading the leter, sign and date it...and that no one will contact them, not now, not ever. your potential employer just wants you to prove your unemployment time, that's all.............

not to get way too personal, but you might want to start attending your "church" on a more regualr basis, and build up some type of repore with the members......just a thought...

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