Announcement Major Forum Redesign: Condensing Forums and Utilizing Thread Prefixes

Tonight, I completed the removal of more than 75% of the forums that we had here. Most of them, you won't even notice is missing. What we are moving towards, and it has been available in the forum software for a while, is thread prefixes.

Thread Prefixes are much like tags, only much more useful. When searching the forum, you can filter your entire main search, or even the searching of individual forums, by prefixes. As you get used to thread prefixes, you will find that they make content much easier to discover and organize.

One of the reductions we were able to make surrounds trucks, trailers, tires, fuel, DEF, Engines, etc.. Now we have just three total tech/maintenance forums. Trucks, Trailers, and APU's. From there, each thread can be prefixed (or tagged) with truck make, engine, and types of concerns such as fuel, DEF, etc.. Over time, this can be further refined to add more prefixes for specific needs. For now, we are going with the basics. In the end, we merged about 20 or more forums into three forums.

I even added "Ford" so @Electric Chicken would feel included.....

For now, I have made every thread prefix available in every forum, as I will be spending time trying to get prefixes on every thread possible as I search through them. I won't be searching individually, but doing bulk searches and updated threads as I can that way.

Once I have updated as much as possible (or practical), I will categorize the thread prefixes and narrow down where they can be used.

Multiple prefixes can be used on a single thread if needed, and in many cases, that is encouraged. If it is applicable, use it. For now, I don't have a limit set, but at some point I will put a limit of somewhere around 5 most likely.

Most forums will require at least one prefix with a new thread. A few forums won't have the requirement (mostly off topic areas).

Once I can get the classifieds moved to a tab in the header, I will also remove them from view. Once this is done, you will notice very little scrolling will be needed to get from the top of the forum, to the bottom.

Any questions, post them here and I will try to answer them for you.


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We are out of beta and into the first release candidate.

Android/chrome users that are having issues. Check your version, it is being reported that the fix is applied in version 85.0.4183.101 This is an update that was rolled out on September 8th. My phone has upgraded to this version from version 75, so let's see if it is fixed.


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Release candidate 2 of the forum software installed a few minutes ago.

Should be doing updates every Tuesday until they reach their finished product.

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