Looking for Newer Truck with Automatic Breaking System in Eastern PA


The Bendix crap in that KW I drove last weekend would reduce the cruise if I was gaining on someone. Without the cruise on, it would just start beeping at me.

I don't know if it would actually apply the brakes because I never let the truck get that close to anyone. It was only 3 days, so I didn't have any un-preventable (on my part) brake check incidents like deer, cars cutting me off and standing on the brakes while aiming for an exit ramp, etc. Every time a car did cut me off real close, the Bendix system did nothing but display their speed and my following distance, because they were going faster than me. It doesn't care if you're 6 feet from the back of a car as long as the car is moving faster than the truck is.

But I wouldn't want any electronic nerd equipment having the ability to apply the brakes if I'm driving in snow. Or empty in the rain.
That nasty shit don't even hafta see nothin either. it'll slam on the brakes for no reason
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If you get close enough and let off the throttle completely it'll apply everything, even jakes on max, to throw you into the windshield and get the truck stopped.

I can't blame Bendix but I can blame the automatic transmission...sorry "automated manual" for almost spinning me out in the rain because it downshifted instead of letting the engine lug a hill. I was easing the throttle back to slow down, it downshifted hard, spun the tires, and I nearly went sideways. Counter steer and traction control helped save me but if it would have held the gear that never would have happened in the first place.
I know exactly what you mean. I had one almost kill me in Indianapolis a couple years ago. A car cut in front of me, the Bendix system STOPPED the truck on I-69. It took everything I had to keep it out of the ditch but the truck tailgating me wasn't so lucky.

Now I won't drive a truck if it has that system in it.