I'm contacting various truck manufacturers to tell them how to build safer vehicles.


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Not true. Crumple zones are built into trucks same as cars these days. Wearing a saftey belt and properly securing a load is what will save your ass. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do like getting hit by a train. Or getting hit sitting at a dead stop by another 80k middle doing 70. These are catastrophic things but your typical accident or roll over you will walk away from.

I know some work is put into it, but nowhere near that of a passenger car.

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If you don’t want macho-manly-redneck in a profession...you probably shouldn’t turn wrenches, or drive a truck. It’s the nature of the beast. Get on board with it or get to packin’. Sally’s nail salon probably train you to be a nail tech.
Your daughters or my nieces ask for help with nail polish you know dam well you or I figuring that shit out. Ain’t no ******* shame in nail painting. Manly men can do nails ;)



This I know, but knowing what he wants, he can at least pursue companies that have equipment that matches as closely as possible.

In my day, it was simply the choice of picking the color of the cabover you were going to drive. Plenty companies out there now that spec decent equipment and hire new drivers. Equipment, as a company driver, isn't that important to me. For others, however, that may be a deciding factor.
you had the pick of th color you liked/
when I was a company driver it was always a pick between white and white


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This guy actually hits on some good points about today's trucks. The only concern with them these days is making them lighter and lighter to allow for the increased power train weight due to emissions. Today's trucks are flimsy as hell and something I would never want to have a serious accident in.

As for sleeper doors, they should be standard equipment. I wouldn't have another truck without one, nor should they be built without them.

Is this guy going to accomplish anything by writing the manufacturer? No. Would we have safer trucks if everyone stepped up and demanded it? yes.

Volvo's the only company doing any sort, let alone serious amount, of crash testing/protection for the rigs.

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smartass mode much?

Like i said, he won't get nowhere pushing for safety items by himself, but the industry as a whole could.

There are companies that have this equipment spec'd on their trucks. Rather than demand that one carrier do this, I would search for another that has equipment I am happy with. At the very least, buy my own as soon as I could.

Well, not driving to Mexico or Canada is even a higher priority for me than trying to find a carrier to work for with those safe-n-convenient sleeper access doors I crave. No, I am not going to ask companies about access doors.

If I have to put five First Alert smoke detectors with new batteries in my truck, then so be it. A fire extinguisher might make a good weapon against an intruder in the cab but I like pepper spray better.

I'm actually contacting the truck manufacturers to give them a piece of my mind.

I'm going to have to write letters to my federal elected officials soon too.


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Supposed to be, but.....

When you tell the shop there is an exhaust leak, they tell you nothing is wrong, you are put in a position to refuse to drive and possibly lose your job. A CO monitor should't be the responsibility of a company driver to purchase. I get that it is cheap, but so is every other nickel and dime item that company drives used to claim as a tax deduction.

these big trucks look tough, but in an accident, they are a death trap. (especially if you don't have an escape door, LOL). Seriously, I have a far better chance of surviving a big accident in our Prius than in my truck. Built to save weight, not lives.
Retard-o is right... diesels don't put out enough CO to worry about.