How many miles did you drive today?


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0 maybe some tomorrow then Friday sat and Sunday gonna make some milk move and make that diesel scream. I hope we get a pre emissions rig or t680. I like either.


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613 miles yesterday. Includes a reload and a wash in council bluffs as well.

620 miles today. Includes an unload, dash into Chicago for the reload and dashing up to Edgerton wi.

Last Friday I put a new boost sensor on the truck.

Fuel mileage jumped from 4.5 to 5.8 to 6.8-7.5 mpg so far.

It used to be a struggle to make a 560-590 mile day.

Making 625-650 seems like a realistic doing now.

Truck for the most part doesn't seem to be dogging down in the hills nearly as bad.
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You know what, Stuart? I like you!
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It's the metro. It's a ****ing joke that needs to be bulldozed off the face of the Earth and start from scratch. Chicago makes more sense.

I do that a lot. I get on 35E coming north and think I’m already on 494.

I surprised I haven’t passed it up more.