How is your company approaching the Cross Border Pilot Program?


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It looks as though the Cross Border program will begin in July. The current plan is for trucks from Mexico to travel to all points in the United States, as well as for trucks from the United States to travel to all points in Mexico.

How is your company approaching this?

Have they made any official decision as to whether you will be traveling into Mexico if dispatched on a load that is going there?

Are you prepared for traveling into Mexico?

If you are a Mexican driver, wha have you done to prepare for traveling into the United States?

I ask these questions because drivers crossing this border will be subject to concerns such as purchasing fuel, eating, and other various expenses. What has your companies done to address these issues?


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Nothing has been said to me about it at all. Of course, they better not ever consider sending me there, cause I ain't going. :)


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We were told the chances were very slim that they would ever consider sending us in. I would go though, if sent. Not crazy about the idea, but I could at least see for myself what it was like.

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