Highway Driver Leasing (MA, NH, RI and CT)


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EDIT: I posted this and somebody moved it to "Dispatching Service" which we are not. Reposting:

Hey everyone, I work at Highway Driver Leasing. Our office is in Quincy MA but we cover almost all of MA, NH, RI and CT. We're hiring local drivers. Good hourly pay, decent benefits. No heavy lifting, be home for dinner. Good jobs. If you are interested in driving with us check out this boring video:

or check out our website:


While I've only been with the company for just under a month, HDL has been around for over 30 years and has a good reputation. Drivers love working with us. If you or anyone you know in New England isn't getting enough work or hates where they do work, have them hit me up: [email protected] or just call the 800 number 800-332-6620