Helping Out the Less Fortunate

Uncle Birchy

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Yesterday saw a guy on a bicycle riding through the Truckstop digging through trash cans....

Unbeknownst to me is that California charges a Ten Cents Deposit per Container..

Ain't much but maybe 50/60 cents and I'm gonna bag em and set em next to the trash can make his life just a little easier..

There Im doing my Good Deed for 2Day..



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This reminds of a woman who once lived here in my area....she go around picking cans up and then recycle them....people started noticing her and her activities....and was a bit curious and took a interest....soon as her secret slipped off her tongue people started saving those cans for her and even the bars around here contributed there cans.....she was recycling cans to get her child a better education....and what a gal she was too.....she watched her child graduate with top honors.