Getting better organized..


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Truckers goal beginning of March was 1000 truckers to shut down..I think this goal was met at least 5 times over..But without concrete numbers its hard..How can we get better organized?
Starting with a few truckers of EACH state..they would have to represent the state concerns of this states truckers and meet..this is just my personal idea..anybody got better ideas suggestions>???
Good question. I have been trying to find out how many has shutdown in just my area much less the state. I have no idea how to get the figures but we need to keep it up longer than one or two days for sure. The diesel down here rose to 4.11 today so they are not taking us seriously yet. I hear a lot of people saying "it's not going to last long cause truckers are all talk and no action". Which we have been trying to get a strike going for 2 years now down here, but no one will get off their duff and do anything about it.


I have posted this quote from an article I read this morning on a number of sites i really do think it says it all;
"But, it'd be hard to organize because there's nobody out there to represent them." Lee Powell said.
But the estimated 350,000 independent truckers may have been organized enough.


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I know good and well there were more than 1,000 trucks shut down NOT COUNTING personal vehicles. Read the comments on my page from people and drivers.