Politics Even Donald Trump supported Wall Street

Uncle Birchy

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The Dow 30k .

What an Ignorant Fool

Don't anybody realize that's the Federal Reserve "backstopping" Zombie Corporations

Quantitative Easing and Printing or Currency "De-Basement" which by the way is a HIDDEN TAX

Housing through the STRATOSPHERE..

Higher Values mean Higher Property Taxes too..

That means Higher Rents too

Expect more Tent Cites and poo piles in the streets

Your neighborhood park likely Rivals any Truckstop parking lot in Bodily Functions smells

But eh who really wants to Scratch the Surface or "Reality".

Nah who cares

Uncle Birchy

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Higher rent means nothing when you aren’t allowed to evict anyone.
What about the Landlords and their mortgages.

Last time I was home ran into a guy who used to give side jobs was chomping a bit about tenants not paying..

But they took their stimulus and unemployment booster checks bough new TVs and Iphones instead of paying rent because they know they can't be kicked out right now