Politics Current Vaccines may be "Ineffective" to Mutations of Covid19

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Here we go again..

Some COVID-19 mutations may dampen vaccine effectiveness
Scientists are reporting troubling signs that some recent mutations of the coronavirus may modestly curb the effectiveness of two current vaccines
January 20, 2021, 6:44 PM
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Scientists are reporting troubling signs that some recent mutations of the virus that causes COVID-19 may modestly curb the effectiveness of two current vaccines, although they stress that the shots still protect against the disease.

Researchers expressed concern Wednesday about the preliminary findings, in large part because they suggest that future mutations could undermine vaccines. The research tested coronaviruses from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil, and was led by Rockefeller University in New York with scientists from the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere.

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A different, more limited study out Wednesday gave encouraging news about one vaccine's protection against some of the mutations.

One way vaccines work is to prompt the immune system to make antibodies that block the virus from infecting cells. The Rockefeller researchers got blood samples from 20 people who had received either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine and tested their antibodies against various virus mutations in the lab.

With some, the antibodies didn't work as well against the virus -- activity was one-to-threefold less, depending on the mutation, said the study leader, Rockefeller’s Dr. Michel Nussenzweig.

“It’s a small difference but it is definitely a difference,” he said. The antibody response is “not as good” at blocking the virus.



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This, and someone on another network is hinting that the vaccine may have killed Hank Aaron.

2020 may have been a walk in the park compared to 2021.

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