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Hey everyone. I'm new on here and hoping I could get some help. I'm driving a 07 peterbilt 379 with a cat C15 set at 550. I keep getting the code 95 which according to peterbilt in greenbay it is the intake value actuator #5 and #6. I've had them changed twice already and I'm just looking to get the problem solved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Did they say anything about the interior wiring harness ?

After a while they wick oil into the harness and the fun begins.....


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No they never said anything about the wire harness. Basically take the old one off and put a new one on and call it good


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Is this an intake VALVE actuator or an "intake AIR actuator"?

The code for an intake AIR actuator not responding is 289. Does the code say "not responding" or "low voltage"?

The intake air actuator controls the amount of air getting to the cylinder based on temperature. They get cranky as the truck gets older.

Eventually the engine will derate until it gets fixed.

I had a truck that would derate because of this problem nearly every single morning until the oil temp reaches over 200, or if I simply let the oil temp fall below 180 or so by idling in the winter. The boss didn't care to replace it. Then the problem mysteriously went away after a service. (unless he had them replace them & didn't tell me. That boss & Gary Busey have a lot in common).