Carmakers going back to Low Tech amid Semiconductor Shortage


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They charge triple the price for lumber, and people still buy it.

Because they're f*ing retarded.

As long as idiots are willing to pay 3 times the legitimate market price, they'll have no reason to lower them.
no way in hell would i build a house right now with lumber and steel triple the price


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Agreed. Most consumers turn their noses up at base models. Even broke people. Lol.
no way in hell would i trust a broke ass with my money. hell buy a POS drive it into the ground and put that car payment away somewhere that earns you intrest rinse and repeat. then they wouldn't be in the internets somewhere crying there cars gonna get repoed :foreheadslap: then they can pay cash
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buying a used home is just as bad right now sellers are getting crazy and buyers are getting crazier. i sold mine 197 k more than it was worth:stare1:. i waiting to see when the next housing bubble's gonna happen
People here are paying 600k over asking on a house selling for a milly. They are not worth a million but it is a sellers market.
Experts are on both sides saying there is a bubble and others say there is no bubble. I am no expert but I say there is a bubble and when it bursts, it's gonna hurt.

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