Avoid John Christner Trucking's Lease Purchase Program


A lot has transpired since I told you about the new recruiting show that I planned on broadcasting as a spin-off of the Trucking with Trudger online show for truckers.

First, my time at John Christner Trucking has been cut short. This was due to situations out of my control as well as the following.

1. I was "terminated" today by John Mallory of JCT. This was brought about by my driver manager, Brock Abbey. My experience with Brock was a nightmare and a blueprint for disaster. I really should have listened to other drivers who had had Brock as their driver manager before. I was told he was a "jerk" and had major communication issues with his drivers. Another detriment to working with Brock was his "God" mentality that he tossed about with the drivers on his board.

2. I asked a few different times for a different driver manger so that I could be successful with the Lease Purchase program at JCT. However, talking with David O'steen II, Brock's supervisor, was like talking with a jar of peanut butter, but not sweet at all. I was denied another driver manager, period, and told I had to work with Brock. I even told Brock I wanted another driver manger, but all he told me was that no one else would want to work with a driver who had "issues" with him.

3. At JCT, we were supposedly independent contractors. I can tell you 100% truthfully that you are not. You are a glorified employee of JCT who just happens to have to pay for weekly truck payments, your own fuel and associated operating costs. I plan on speaking with the IRS about this matter as JCT, in my opinion, fails the IC rule of the IRS Code. I believe that the IRS will find JCT to be an employer, subject to employment taxes, as well as years and years of past employment taxes that were not paid to the government. In addition, I feel that JCT will have to refund ALL truck payments, fuel and associated costs back to the drivers, who were in my opinion, employees of JCT. I've developed some strong arguments for this position.

4. I was denied the ability to talk to anyone about this matter, enter into arbitration or mediation and was forced to leave the truck that I had been leasing/buying from the company. These are legal matters for another time.

5. There were a few GOOD people at JCT, within the office staff, that were truly nice to work with and represented Mr. Christner and his company in a positive manner and attitude. To those few, I list them here and say good karma should befall them.

1. Laura Watkins
2. Kim Fitzpatrick
3. Joanna Gentry
4. The breakdown department
5. Javada Walker
6. Belinda Walker

6. There were a few BAD apples at JCT, within the office staff, that were truly horrible to work with and didn't have the best interest of Mr. Christner and his company. To those few, especially BROCK ABBEY, I list them here and say that bad karma should befall them.

2. John Mallory
3. David O'steen II

Yes, there was more good than bad, but as they say, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the pie. If Mr. Christner was smart, he would get rid of these employees as they are bringing his company down.

7. The load issues: One of John Christner's largest customers is TYSON/IBP. The main issue with TYSON/IBP is the fact that they often take forever to load a trailer. Even if they are LATE getting your trailer (or pre-loaded trailer) done, JCT, or maybe it was just my driver manager, Brock Abbey, they won't reschedule the delivery appointments, EVEN if you tell them each day that you probably won't make it on time. Myself, I put all of my comments about loads/times/eta's on the Qualcomm, just so I'm covered. Brock, in my opinion, is just LAZY and incompetent to be a driver manager. Whether this is true or not, I don't know...but I've been told by people in the know that Brock has moved around from dept to dept. He is difficult at best to work with, and I still advise JCT to terminate him.

8. Good luck to anyone going to JCT. IF they clean up their act, IF Mr. Christner cleans house, it would be a good company to work for.

Video show available on 08/17/2012. Updates soon.



Rabid Squaw
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Well. Some things never change. Oddly enough, those same names came up during my familiarity with that company. My familiarity stemmed from a romantic involvement I had with one of their drivers that ended over a year ago.

Another reason, among many, that I would not lease from JCT.


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ACTUALLY....BAD. Now that I fell prey to their lease scam. You are an employee there, the only thing you can do yourself is choose where to fuel and what route to take.
Bring the contract to a lawyer and have them go through it and have them tell you who it benefits you or the conpany. Nobody will cover your arse in this industry