Owner Operator Association Benefits


Drivers -

NAIT (National Association of Independent Truckers) (www.naitusa.com) is an Owner-Operator / Independent Contractor only Association. We don't get involved in legal/legislative issues, we ONLY work to provide Health/Business/Entertainment benefits to our members.

We are continually working to find new benefits for our members. I am relatively new as head of the Association, but have been in the trucking and insurance industries all my life - even being a Household Goods Owner/Op for 2 years before being a company owner.

I am reaching out to get your input on Associations in general, and what benefits you think are most important, or what benefits you would most like to see.

NAIT has some major announcements coming soon, but we want to be sure we are addressing the real needs of the community, not what we THINK would be beneficial.

Please post your thoughts - I will respond to all comments.


Jason (NAIT)


If anyone is planning to attend GATS in Dallas next week, look me up - We will be exhibiting and would love to meet anyone with thoughts/ideas on what you need in an Owner/Operator Association.