Article Input- Murphys Laws of Trucking.


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First, anyone who thinks there is only one Murphys Law and says something so dumb will be thread banned.

There are all kinds of Murphy's Laws. Trucking is a place where we can experience all sorts of them.

So I'm looking for input from you folks about an article I've had in the very back of my kind for a while.

I'll give two examples, then you post yours.


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1. Spare tractors have hangers that only accept broken chains. 2. A broken pallet board will invariably pierce you, your boots, your clothing or cause a claim. 3. Nitrogen blankets over stuff that you can't pronounce do not last from Nitro WV to the West Coast. 4. Oleum (107% sulfuric) tends to find tiny holes in about every 10th flange gasket. 5. Invisible oleum sprays near down vests or jackets can fill your tractor with a beautiful cloud that's not conducive to driving. 6. On contact, spent etching chemicals don't seem too spent.


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I've always called them Murphy's corollaries.

The likelihood of getting locked out of a vehicle is inversely proportional to the temperature.

A bungee cord that breaks is always aimed at your nads.

You always end up in the slowest line, at the pumps or toll booths.

Foot on the dash, drives like an ass.

Well, maybe not that last one, but the others are!

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