Arctic Package


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What is this, so called, Arctic Package, I see associated with trucks that run in extreme temperatures of the far North?

What I gave gathered so far is that it is a oilpan heater, coolant heater, a fuel heater, insulation for the cab, special batteries, a wind cover for the bottom of the engine compartment, thinner oil, a radiator cover and who knows what else.

I guess you could insulate your truck yourself. You would have to go to the trouble of tearing out the interior and adding insulation. What kind?

What kind of batteries?

Do any of our Northern friends have any experience with running in extremely cold temperatures on a daily basis?

Last year, while in Canada, I ran into some -24 F. temps. for me that is cold. I could really tell the difference in my truck when all the grease froze. It didn't sound good at all.

If I am going up into Alaska or Canada, it won't only be during the Summer months. I need to take some reasonable precautions.
I run the ice roads in Manitoba and I do alot of over the road trucking in Canada and Alaska also the 48 but the heaters you said are a must the inside of the truck only time it will get cold is when the heat or motor is not running I don't have problems with heat in my trucks but the heaters you need I have seen trucks with out them though


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i had heard about insulating your battery boxes againt the cold. I guess a larger alternator would be needed, say a 160 Amp or so.

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I forgot to put about the batteries

It is all good!

i had heard about insulating your battery boxes against the cold. I guess a larger alternator would be needed, say a 160 Amp or so.

Yep. The rigs we set up for winter test when I worked at PTC had as large an alternator as you could get. Then they set up an inverter, and there were "electric blankets" on everything. Oil pan, transmission, differential housings, fuel tanks and batteries. And they had those Webasto diesel fired heaters in the sleeper.

And there was still a layer of ice on the tanks.

They would drive the trucks up to Yellowknife each year to where the Frasier Highway starts. Where the ice roads take off to go to the diamond mines. What I didn't get was that they went all the way up there, and then didn't run the ice roads.

Oh well, they must have had good reason.

Everything they did was generally well planned and executed.

Yup bigger alternator

That's right.


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