What's your long term plan for the trucking industry?

What's your long term plan for the trucking industry?

Do you have a long term plan for yourself in this industry? If so, what is it?

I think for many, they enter this industry as a temporary fix during a period of unemployment, thinking it will be an easy way to keep the wolf from the door, until they can get another job in their preffered line of work.

For others, they feel like they were born to do this, and have never considered really looking elsewhere.

I know for myself, I started off in 1986 driving local, hauling materials to a ready-mix plant, and running heavy equipment at a gravel pit. From there, my employer took over a private fleet from a manufacturer, and I suddenly found myself hauling oversize loads all over Canada and the USA. I loved it from day one.

After a few years doing oversize, I spent 18 Months pulling a van around doing local work within a 150 mile radius of home. From there I pulled a covered wagon between Toronto and LA for about 18 more months, then bought my own truck and went back to the oversize stuff full time. I did get out of the truck and working the office for a few years, but found it missed actually pulling the loads, so I went back into the truck in 2003, and have been there ever since.

Lately, I have found myself contemplating buying another couple trucks, and a few more trailers, and trying to grow the business enough that I can get out of the truck and back in the office most of the time. I guess this is my long term plan these days.

Tell me about where you see yourself going, either inside, or outside, this industry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, whenever?
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