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Product Review: Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator

The Original Stiction Eliminator - Hot Shot's Secret

No, I am NOT selling this stuff. I just used it. Always felt like there was an issue with my truck and couldn't really place my finger on it.

The way it started,

Cold start idle was rough,

random fuel mileage

a full power stutter

and a couple other things. I even had a couple places tell me it's the way I drive it. Right.

I bought the truck in July 2012, it sat for like 9-10 months before I bought it. In Oct 2012, I had the exhaust gasket replaced because it was leaking In Dec 2013, I had the Exhaust manifold replaced because the gasket was leaking and the center section was actually cracked. All New OEM manifold and gaskets.

Turns out there's an issue with the OEM manifolds cracking and the aftermarket write-up on it's replacement is about 6 weeks out for now. I have a second truck that's had that manifold put on and will include it there.

I have had the overhead set on this truck 3 times now. Never seemed to help. Always had those listed issues.

I've had the EGR deleted, then ecm tuned and a new Borg Warner 171702 non-wastegated turbo installed.

I've replaced the OEM Charge air cooler with the Duralite Evolution Charge air cooler too. I originally replaced it with an OEM CAC, but that leaked on me as bad as the original OEM CAC after 9 months. I replaced it with the Duralite.

Here I am, 3ish years later and my exhaust manifold is cracked again. It's going to be replaced with a Full Tilt Ported/Polished manifold here shortly. Likely my biggest parasitic loss right now for fuel mileage.

My focus for February and March has been getting the engine replaced on my second truck and having THAT inframed engine replaced under warranty due to a technician forgetting to torque something in the engine and making a hole in the block.

Why is that "background" important?

Because I have been struggling with this issue for some time. And in Feb/March while that second truck was in the shop, the driver for that truck, @JunkYardDog5958 was teaming with me or else actually driving my truck when I went home.

It was based on THAT experience, I decided I needed to install a new set of injectors on my truck or TRY SOMETHING to get it to start working correctly.

Junkyard and I talked about what was going on and he suggested that it felt like a sticky Injector. I told him I run regular fuel system cleaner and such to take care of the injectors. He started to tell me about stiction. How it's on the OIL side of the injector, not the fuel side.

So I started to test my google-fu.
Stiction, most of what you will find is more marketing related. Seriously. "Here, buy my product because it works better than the other guys...." I was beginning to seriously think I fell into a 2 AM oil additive infomercial hell.
stiction - Google Search

OMG. Enjoy the reading.

After about 3 days of looking, I found a forum for the Ford 6.0 diesel engine that had the BEST explanation of what stiction is. And a link to an article that is from the manufacturer of the injectors for that Ford 6.0 liter about what stiction is and what to do about it.

But the link to that white paper is only 6 years old and broken. Damn.

the general gist is that stiction is a sticky issue in the tighter and tighter tolerance areas of a fuel injector that makes it not quite work the way it's supposed to. But it's still functional. Injector internal pressures in these new common rail systems are reaching some incredible pressures. Well north of 20,000 PSI. That takes some serious tolerance control to have a machined device handle that pressure.

It also means that even the sticky residue that's left behind by oil over a long period of say, 10 years and 1.1 million miles could have a less that favorable result.

In that same thread they talked about two products. Hot shots Secret Stiction eliminator and Archoil AR9100.

Hot shots is sold at the TA/Petro truck stops for $59 a bottle. You need TWO bottles when you do an oil change the first time and it replaced a gallon of oil.

I did that oil change on 3/3/17. I have had my reservations on this product and adding a gallon of that to my oil for the entire time it was in. Enough so, to be willing to do an abbreviated oil change after only 8,000 miles to get it out of the engine.

I let my truck idle for about 45 minutes after the oil change and I could tell it was idling a little smother from the time I drove it out of the shop.

I parked it overnight and stopped for a 10-hour break. Woke up the next morning to a balmy 42* in York NE. It started up with no hesitation and very little of the cold rough idle. At least compared to itself.

The next morning, the engine started even better in Aurora CO. And no morning smoke now. Much less any rough idle.

Off to Salt Lake city.

It pulled the 3 Sisters leaving Ft Bridger with no stutter. Same thing going over Dead Man Pass in Oregon (Cabbage Pass).

I seriously was looking to pump $4,000 worth of injectors into this truck to fix this.

I can't say for sure, but I will know more once the exhaust manifold goes in whether or not the injectors will get done. For now, because of this product, I don't plan on doing them.

I mentioned the Archoil product. It's supposed to have a better reputation for this. A gallon is $199. But it's enough to do 3 oil changes on a 44 qt system like I have.

While I have been home, I did do my 1000 hour service on my Tripac APU. I put the Archoil AR9100 in it this time to see if it will help with rings on the engine to see if I can get it to stop smoking so much. Time will tell. That will be it's own write up.

Attached is the oil sample test on my engine. In February 2017, I had some fuel in my oil sample. In 5 years, I have never had fuel in my oil. So this surprised me. It's abnormal for my engine. Talking with my mechanics I trust, we decided to do an oil change at normal interval and then wait until mid-oil life and do another oil sample. That's the latest test. And the test comments reflect the Hot Shots Sample.

Wear metals are gone. Viscosity is up. Soot is down etc. Overall, the oil looks MUCH better.


This oil test is the reason that I opted to put on an oil by-pass filter this past week while I was home. At the next home time end of April and 8000ish miles more down the road, I'll be doing another oil sampling.
Series 60 14L DDEC V oil bypass filter install

In May 2017, I installed a new set of Injectors. The oil samples all indicated it was just time.

As well in July 2017, a failed oil sample for coolant in the oil caused a hard inspection removal of the oil pan.

Oring on #1 cylinder liner failed and was starting to let coolant into the oil.

Only sign was a 1/2 gallon of oil lost in the previous 10 days. I had had times in the past I'd seen it dripping from the bunk heater so I didn't think k much of it.

1.13 million miles I got my in-frame done on the engine.
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