Impure Thoughts #4: Be Careful For What You Wish

Impure Thoughts #4: Be Careful For What You Wish

Impure thoughts #4: Be careful for what you wish.

So, at 2.50 a gallon for 24 hours, it would cost me around 60 bucks to idle the truck. So, I got a motel. It, like fuel is a write off anyway, so as long as you don’t do something like put it on a 24% CREDIT CARD, it’s a business smart thing to do. You can’t write off retarded interest rates, but sometimes you just need to get the hell out of the truck.

So, I’m sitting here in my not-so-business-smart room. It is The Knights Inn, Channelview, TX. I10, Magnolia Road.

Channelview is not a nice area, and I didn’t expect much from the Knights Inn. Especially since I stayed here once last year when I was pulling blades out of Greensport terminal, and it was awful. Back then, the boss was paying the bill though, and this time the dime is mine, so I figured I’d get a room here, and just deal with whatever came along. I’m a person who gives endless second chances, believe it or not.

But these guys are done. I’m not staying here again.

Last year, the AC unit was so loud we couldn’t sleep. This year, on the entire other side of the building, that is still the case. There are ants in the room, crawling all over the AC unit for some reason. I bought a can of RAID – as well as a can of LYSOL from the Wal-Mart, but the RAID can had a broken spray thingie. Then I noticed the dent in the can, and realized I’d been screwed over some idiot Wal-Mart employee who dropped the can, and put in on the shelf anyway. Thanks, pal.

People, please keep in mind, as we move to a more and more impersonal, crowded, and rushed society that what you do affects other people, and if you’re going to do a crappy thing, ask yourself if you would like that to happen to you. This can cost me about 6 bucks, and it would cost me more than that to take it back and return it for a new one. The sight of it bouncing off someone’s head might offset that, but the jail time would kill that satisfaction almost immediately.

I put it in the drawer, and there it stays.

Well, at least the LYSOL works. I doused the entire room. That was hours ago, and I can say it still smells like LYSOL in here. I’m okay with that. I just hope the microbes that make up the myriad stains in the carpet are also. Oh, wait…they’re dead! HAHAHAHHA…..YES! I am the harbinger of microbe death!

When I was at Wal-Mart, I screwed up (I’m a guy after all) and bought freakin’ fabric softener instead of detergent. Then back at the “hotel” I asked the head housekeeper if I could borrow A CUP of detergent, and she said no, and pointed me to the Valero station close by.

“Gee thanks, “ I said, “ 43 bucks a night, an AC I can’t run because it’s too loud, a bug infestation, you guys do TONS of laundry every day, and you’re saying I can’t get a CUP of detergent for ONE load of laundry. Thanks a lot.”

Again, what you do, and what you say affects other people. Try not to act like garbage. I’m losing patience for it. I really am. I am losing patience for society itself. You know what? I don’t blame me. This has happened, and become the norm because we have let it. We should not have, and we must fix it, as consumers, and just decent people. Demand good service when you pay for it.

Well, I put my laundry in the outdated washer, with fabric softener as soap, and it’s now going on its FOURTH turn in the dryer, because the door on the dryer keeps coming open, and my laundry does not dry. It’s in the other building of the “hotel” and I don’t notice it until the 45 minutes of so goes by, and I walk over there.

My friend tells me that once when he was staying here last year, there was blatant prostitution in the parking lot, and even a drug raid one night!

I wanted a room. And that’s what I got.

Yes, I’m whining.

Did I mention the smell of pot smoke in the hallway?

Nice place. A preachy lesson learned that I need to pass along and that you should think about:

Be careful for what you wish, and remember that what you do affects others, demand good service when you pay for it.

That, my friends, is how we can “fundamentally change” society for the better. Like Obama says we should do.

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